Warrawee Koine Among OHHA Award Winners

The Ontario Harness Horse Association held its eighth annual Awards Banquet last night at the Guelph Place Banquet Hall in Guelph.

The ceremony, which recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions in the standardbred racing industry, was emceed by Don Amos.

The full list of awards winners appears below.

Two-Year-Old Colt Pacer – Grassroots Division
• Twin B Warrior (trainer – Jeff Gillis)
Presented by Geoff Maltby

Two-Year-Old Colt Pacer – Gold Division
• Code Word (trainer – Tony O’Sullivan)
Presented by Darryl MacArthur

Two-Year-Old Filly Pacer – Grassroots Division
• Lyons Anitacol (trainer – Bill Robinson)
Presented by Bill Bannon

Two-Year-Old Filly Pacer – Gold Division
• Western Silk (trainer – Casie Coleman)
Presented by John Williamson

Two-Year-Old Filly Trotter – Grassroots Division
• Ipromisenottotell (trainer- Joe Hudon)
Presented by Callie Rankin

Two-Year-Old Filly Trotter – Gold Division
• Wilsonator (trainer – Robert Fellows)
Presented by Ken Hardy

Two-Year-Old Colt Trotter – Grassroots Division
• Scotty Doesnt Know (trainer – John Drennan)
Presented by Ken Wiese

Two-Year-Old Colt Trotter – Gold Division
• Text Me (trainer – Robert McIntosh)
Presented by Mark Williams

Three-Year-Old Filly Trotter – Grassroots Division
• Daylon Mystique (trainer – Wayne Henry)
Presented by Dave Boughton

Three-Year-Old Filly Trotter – Gold Division
• Elusive Desire (trainer – Mike Keeling)
Presented by Dave Gibson

Three-Year-Old Filly Trotter – Trillium Series
• Friendly Amigo (trainer – Blair Burgess)
Presented by Dennis Jewitt

Three-Year-Old Filly Pacer – Grassroots Division
• Chief Karen (trainer – Dave Menary)
Presented by Mario Rivest

Three-Year-Old Filly Pacer – Gold Division
• Shacked Up (trainer – Tracy Brainard)
Presented by Kent Baker

Three-Year-Old Filly Pacer – Trillium Series
• Warrawee Koine (trainer – Gregg McNair)
Presented by Bill Bannon

Three-Year-Old Colt Trotter – Grassroots Division
• Berndt Energy (trainer – Robert McIntosh)
Presented by Peter Core

Three-Year-Old Colt Trotter – Gold Division
• Equity (trainer – Chris Christoforou)
Presented by Gerry Lamoureux

Three-Year-Old Colt Pacer – Grassroots Division
• Blended Whiskey (trainer – Travis Umphrey)
Presented by Jim Whelan

Three-Year-Old Colt Pacer – Gold Division
• Fast Pay (trainer – Dave Menary)
Presented by Paul Lindsey

Director of OHHA for 20 Years
• Gerry Lamoureux
Presented by Don Amos

Caretaker Awards
• Tim Irvine (Casie Coleman Stable)
• Emilie Auger (Rene Allard Stable)
• Christina Soundy (Alan Wallace Stable)
• Shelley Henry (Henry Stable)
• Courtney Pollard (John Pentland Stable)
• Brett Lester (Peter Core Stable)
Presented by Don Amos

Outstanding Service To The Industry Award
• Kathy Johnston
Presented by Dave Boughton

Highest UDR Trainer With A Minimum Of 300 Starts
• Mark Winacott
Presented by Ken Hardy

Highest UDR Driver With A Minimum Of 300 Starts
• Jody Jamieson
Presented by Peter Core

William Wellwood Sportsmanship Award
• Elaine Rivest
Presented by Paula Wellwood

OHHA Living Legend Awards
• Lorne Brethour
Presented by Paul Lindsey
• Reg Gassien
Presented by Dave Gibson
• Stan Williams
Presented by Mark Williams

Les Ehrlick Award
• Lloyd Smith
Presented by Jim Whelan

(courtesy Standardbred Canada)

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