About Us

Warrawee Farm is a small commercial breeder of quality Standardbreds. In the recent past, beginning with two foundation mares, we have produced such notables as Warrawee Kes, King of Trot, Warrawee Caesar, Camystic, Mystician, Warrawee Koine, Warrawee Kay, Lucks Mistress, Big Bay Point, Warrawee Needy and Mister Herbie.

We do not operate a horse feedlot, believing strongly that both mares and yearlings should have space and fresh air. Consequently, they have continuing access to open housing on acres where they can, and do, race each other, year round to develop muscles, bone and a competitive spirit.

Nutrition is obviously important in the development of champions.  We believe that yearlings should not be asked to grow too quickly as this may put stress on growth plates and lead to OCD.  All of our horses have free access to minerals and none receive more than 14% protein in their diet at any time.  All yearlings are vaccinated against rabies, West Nile virus, the respiratory complex, EEC and Tetanus.

“Warrawee” is an Australian aboriginal word  meaning “come and visit”.

We invite you to Warrawee to see our outstanding yearlings.

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